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Poland is a lovely country with very change rich pistes and very nice people.

Who comes with us to Poland his first time probably will revise his previous Poland picture. We must tell Poland experts nothing here. Poland has the great advantage furthermore that actual demanding challenges can always be gone round, the advanced comes onto his expense and the experienced beginner can so arcades require the more advanced driving technique completely circulate or practice himself to this after desire, mood and daily form.

We drive with 8 -12 participants through the beautiful woodlands of Poland. Changeable pistes seeming infinitely in a lovely low mountain range landscape. It has us left at it, the adventure Poland is an unforgettable Enduro event, what one shall make many words there. We don't only take you to select ways but also in contact with country and people. Here a couple of few pictures which say so much and, simultaneously, really can show so some of all the variety: Photos

Result of the participants: Enthusiasm about people, country, pistes, catering trade and nature, in short one, rounds thing and always legal by approval of responsible places!

Expiration of route: 

4 driving days, 5 overnight stays with breakfast*

Monday arrives -- the first overnight stay is natural with us including!

Tours led until Friday on Tuesday in the most different area. Difficulty degree very different and change rich. Difficult arcades always going round bar despair, so that everybody is demanded, but never to for him.

The Sunday remains home Saturday journey home -- clear up and relaxen to this so once again. The overnight stay to the backtravel-day is including also natural with us.

One driving day alternatively as a Explorer day. The group looks for itself together the path for desire and mood, selects themselves the degrees of difficulty and upward gradients, certainly thus also together the area and speed. We follow and bring the group in the evening again reliably to the basis. Alternatively: a further route day. 

Saturday home journey so remains vacating and relaxen Sunday at home still times to. Also the overnight accomodation to the home travel day is naturally inclusive with us. 


One can lose proverbially his purse on the road, one of any native one is afterwards carried. The rural environment hardly don´t knows the problems of the metropoles. 

For all, those not, as we want to let their motorcycle be located, simply in the garden, are available several solid garages lockable with locks for free use. 

Suitable for the already experienced Beginner* to Pro* : Low mountain range character, predominant loam, sand to depression sand, gravels and sections containing stone. -and departures of different difficulty degree one scattered in the tours. Only driving for every Endurodriver ideally with fun with it otherwise suitably for beginners, when they are clear on the way to the advanced one, and the sociability and fun with experiencing and nature. Little suitable for pure Cracks,. Two-cylinder only with offstage Road proven driver and good set of tires! Having different difficulty degrees, most of over-land routes and woodland paths the ways in which really fiddly arcades are always going round cash so that nobody must go about his limit.

4 driving days, 4 led day tours

5 overnight stays with breakfast partly into vacation dwelling (3 bathrooms/toilet) in simple but proper condition and equipment to 1-2 persons per rooms or in pension equipped well in 2 bed rooms at some events also pretty pension of the lake.

Please make an enquiry about singles or double rooms in a well-appointed little hotel for an extra charge possible, conditions.

Who wishes quite special accommodation chooses accommodation in our Datschaburg directly at a gigantic, crystal-clear lake in frame-houses which are earthy and equipped completely. Please ask interest (booking very early required)!

At the events in May and September we use a small pension at some events directly at a lake who falls from the balcony lands in the water ... wonderful, p. picture sides

Neither the overnight stay before the first tour day nor the overnight stay the last tour day have to be paid extra, with us including everything!

Friday: Grill evening or dinner in a professional restaurant depending on weather and circumstances or wish.

In the base and at the Fewo, free of charge lockable garages for motorcycles, safe parking lot for car/Bulli and hanger.


Minimum participant: 8 drivers, max. number of participants: 12 drivers 


Driver inclusive 5 Nights/ Breakfast, Tourguide 475.00 € 

Not Driving Person 5 Nights/Breakfast              225.00 € 


Start your Trip from several Airports in europe for very less money to the Airport Gdansk/Poland.

rent- motocycles are waiting for you.

Feel free to call us for further informations.

English, spain, italy and polish- spoken.

Dates 2007 you´ll find on the german page at : Termine



 by telephone, directly and personally 0049/6181/ 964563

per Email

Conditions of entry 


Entry conditions for

European Union citizen

to Poland (starting from 1.05.2004)
European Union citizens, who confirm-end the personnel files and nationality document are and which can enter in the area of the republic longer than 3 months would not like themselves in possession of valid travel document or another to stop Poland, visa-free to Poland.

In other words: Since 1,5,2004 is the entry to Poland nearly as to France regulated, was it always very unproblematically been void now all obstacles, identity card and KFZ papers are enough.

All further regulations concerning vehicles, trailer, tariff etc. receive you from us to reservation. The entry and completion become completely unproblematic and i.d.R. very brisk.

Non EU-Residenz Travelers need a visa to enter poland, please contact the polish consulat of your country for further informations.


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© mobiketours 1998- 2007  Mobiketours Matthias Wendt Seligenstädter Str.19 63456 Hanau   06181-964563